Welcome, apprentice, to Practice Space!

What de heck is it?

Practice Space is a blog and newsletter created by Andrei Atanasov, a memoirist and fiction writer from Bucharest, Romania.

Right, that’s pretty vague. Care to elaborate?

In short, I publish essays.

I like to think of Practice Space as a dojo of the mind, in the sense that this is where I come to do my thinking.

To essay is to attempt, according to the English Dictionary, so here you’ll find a collection of attempts to figure things out, to answer questions, to find out how and why this or that thing changed my life.

What you’ll also find here is a vibrant community of beautiful people, who flock here every two weeks to learn and converse. You know, like you’d find in one of those regular dojos.

Every post is designed to lead towards further discussion. I want to spark your imagination and engage you in conversation. You’re just as important to this as I am.

How often will I hear from you?

Regular issues drop every two weeks, on Friday. If something notable occurs in-between, I might tackle it in a smaller installment, called an Interlude.

So where should I start?

I wrote this introductory post to make things easier for you:

It’s a bit on the longer side, I know, but I think it serves to make a pretty good first impression.

Still, if you’d like a quick bite before you commit, here are a few of my most popular essays:

Some Final Thoughts

For me, the name of the game is variety. From week to week, I’d like to surprise you and make you think, and maybe see the world a little differently or pay a little more attention to what’s happening around you.

Welcome aboard. I hope you’ll stick around!


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A dojo of the mind. Memoir and essays on culture, self-improvement, broken bones, cats, and other stuff I'm trying to figure out.


Andrei Atanasov

Memoirist and fiction writer from Bucharest, Romania. By trade a lawyer, my literary work has appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine, Drunk Monkeys, and other places.