Such a powerful piece and lovely eulogy to your favorite teacher. I've had a few that I'll never forget too. They're as much teachers as also our mentors and inspirations.

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Dec 30, 2022Liked by Andrei Atanasov

There are always people that get inside of our hearts and never leave. I have also a very good memories of two of my teachers in kindergarten. As you say it was not what they taught you, it was the rest of the things you've learned with them. I remember they were very kind and affectionate. I still see one of those women in the street, and every time that this happends my mind flies forty years ago to those happy days in kindergarten. The other woman, that was a nun, I've never seen her again, maybe she was destinated to another school.

It's very beautiful to have those memories of your dear teacher. Maybe now she is physically gone, but she'll always be alive inside your heart and in all of those things she taught you. 🙂

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