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I like very much the contrast between the three stories. In the first one, the innocence of a child, believing in what his father told him. I sometimes think about that. How our parents told us sweet lies to hide reality, or the way they try to introduce us into it. I remember the first time I traveled abroad, I was 19 years old and went to Russia with my mum. I remember every building and every place were very big, and the differences between the culture here in Spain and there in Russia were also amazing. The second one is quite dark, but not far away from reality. A boy trying to help his girlfriend hurting himself to avoid her doing that... The end of the story is open so I choose to think he succeed with his porpoise. I think, the third one is my favorite. Friendship put to the test. Sometimes you think you know well somebody, but it is not till you live with him/her that you start to know how he/she is. In the end, you both survived and you keep your friendship 😊

Hope to read more from you soon 😃

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Thanks to M.E. Rothwell for the recommendation. I enjoyed all three of these mini essays and look forward to more.

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This was an excellent read, Andrei - thanks for sharing. Love that you didn’t publish something because it was too safe, if only more of us pushed our boundaries with what we feel comfortable publishing. It’s the stuff that we’re scared to write that’s often the most interesting

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I love these short essays. It is the small events that bring a person to life. I wish more people would follow your lead. You write beautifully but it is not necessary to be a professional to write your own story.

When I was 19 my friends and I went on the last ride of the big wheel, before the funfair closed for the night. The operator thought he would give us a treat and run it for twice as long as normal. OMG I was never so ill as when I eventually got off that big wheel. And I have never been on one since.

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Oh my! Bravo. Dark? No! You wrote of life.

a non-brainer to put a 💙 on this.

Loved them all.

I was in every step of #1. I saw everything vividly through the boy’s eyes

#2 opened emotions recalling a friend’s pain and hurting herself

#3 I saw, I smelled, felt emotions, and understood the almost loss of a friend

Thank you!

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Andrei, I love your writing. I look forward to reading more of it.

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I loved these 3 small pieces. Reading the Vienna one, I was reminded of my only trip there, a long time ago (before you went). I was with a friend and we went to the Prater too and the ferris wheel, and I guess we don't stop being dreamers when we grow up, because I felt myself transported in the black and white world of "The Third Man".

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